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Planning your next community or team-building event?


Interrupt the Routine brings people together. With a decade of experience and a wealth of 5-star reviews, you can rest assured that coming to us will be a wise choice. We can plan alongside you, giving you the detail you are looking for, or alternatively you can hand over the planning to us and we will create a fun and inclusive virtual, in-person or hybrid event for you from start to finish.


"I want a Wow Factor!"

When we hear a client say "I want a Wow Factor" it makes us happy.
The people who work for us, the way we tailor the content, the 5-star reviews we keep getting shows our ambition to deliver something special every time.
As our client, we want you to appreciate our enthusiasm & inclusivity. You know how important the benefits are of a good event, and we have years of experience doing it.
Our reputation means you'll be spending your budget wisely. Let us create a fun, engaging virtual or in-person event to bring people together.


What can we do for you?



We offer a comprehensive service for hosting conferences, ensuring our clients are provided with the best experience and results.


Awards Ceremonies

Let's interrupt the routine of your team together and celebrate talents at a high class awards ceremony 


Murder Mysteries 

Tailor-made content delivered by professional hosts and actors. It is an excellent way to celebrate your team's talents


Quizzes / Trivia Games

Another great way to bring your team together! Loads of themed quizzes: if we don’t have it, we can create it for you


Cocktail Masterclasses

We create cocktails & mocktails for you and have fun talking about them whilst you enjoy drinking them. 

What to expect


What makes an event perfect? Here's what to expect when working with Interrupt The Routine:

Personalized Experience

We create a unique experience tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether it's a team-building event or hosting at a conference or awards ceremony, we'll deliver!

Expert facilitation

We ensure everything runs smoothly and all participants are engaged and included

Fun and interactive activities

Our activities are perfect for team building, socializing and having a good time, created with love for what we do so that you can relax

Flexible Options

Whether your event is virtual or in-person, our expert team is here to help you get the event you want 

Attention to detail

With nearly a decade of experience, we are here to ensure that all details are taken care of, so that you know what's happening even before we get there

Memorable experiences

Still not sure? Let our client reviews do the talking

Looking for virtual options?

Our experienced team are here to help plan and host your next virtual event. 

Even before lockdown, we were planning and hosting a range of virtual events from conferences to quizzes.
If you want a Cocktail Masterclass, a Quiz/Trivia Hour or a Murder Mystery to bring clients or your team together using our interactive software on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc. then we’re here to deliver.
We can also do the glitz and glamour of a fully-branded, virtual conference space with sofas, bars, games and a big screen for hosting and bringing up key-note speakers, DJs, comedians & special guests.
Whatever it is, we can help.



We tailor our conference hosting to ensure an engaging, informative, fun atmosphere that delivers in the way you want

Get your audience engaged!

ITR hosting your conference means helpful, clear messaging in a warm, engaging style. Our comperes are experienced in creating the right, professional atmosphere your event deserves.

We help set the tone, and have plenty of experience working with executives, celebrities, and key-note speakers.

Let us do the on-stage heavy lifting prep & delivery, making sure the stage is set for guests to shine.

Looking for a Virtual option?

Our hosts and tech solutions experts are experienced in managing virtual gatherings as well as in-person events.

Our software is perfect for giving any Virtual Conference a WOW Factor.

Our professional hosts understand delivering virtually and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Our Virtual Conference environments are cutting edge, with options for room and hosting set-ups that turn the heads of even the most taciturn tech industry people.

For a full breakdown of what's on offer, drop us a line.

Some of our clients:

Murder Mysteries

How can solving a mystery bring people together?

In response to being asked if we could do a Murder Mystery, we created them and it's amazing how popular they have become!
Our vintage era-themed mysteries let guests dress up and really become part of the atmosphere. Murder Mystery events can be adapted to your budget! From a charismatic detective to a full cast of characters, we won't disappoint.
Quality production values throughout. We create real tension, vintage clues and reward those with good deductive powers.
So find your venue, get dressed up & then book in with us for an excellent ITR Murder Mystery. 
We also accept commissions to create tailored Murder Mysteries (we have developed projects for Port Lympne Nature Reserve, The NED Hotel and the Victorian Bath House). 

    Professional actors who will play the truth rather than looking for cheap laughs.
    Quality clues you may want to snaffle as a memento of your evening 
    A range of scenarios to fit your event
    An opportunity to design a special custom scenario 

Quizzes / Trivia Games


What can be more engaging than team-play?

When a Quiz (or Trivia Game for our US clients) is written well & hosted well, it is one of the best & simplest Team-building events you can have.

Also a perfect mixer for clients, fund-raising events, family celebrations & more.

We've written for TV, for one of the world's largest dating apps, footballers, politicians, brides & zombies (well, not actual zombies)!  

    In-person, Virtual or Hybrid experience.
    Relax knowing you & your guests will have a great time.
    Tailored to your set-up, timings & demographic.
    Award-winning hosts & questions to engage and include YOUR guests!
    Loads of themed quizzes: if we haven't got it, we'll create it for you!
    5-star Google & AddToEvent Review ratings from many happy clients.

Cocktail (and Mocktail) Masterclasses


A classy and creative activity

Whether it's a Night of Gin, Prohibition Bourbon Classics or Cocktails for the Summer Sunshine, let ITR put together a selection of great-tasting treats, history and flare.

    Available in In-person AND virtual formats.
    Creative, equally tasty mocktail options that fit with the theme.
    Premium products with an ability to surprise, delight and beguile the palate.
    1hr/1.5hrs/2hr options masterclass hosted by one of our in-house mixologists.
    Lots of happy guests enjoying drinks either as a stand-alone event or a part of your team-building day.
    In your offices or liaising with your venue.

Professional and engaging and each event is run seamlessly. I cannot recommend them highly enough

-Tania, LexisNexis

Our teams were delighted with the experience and we booked two more for the year 

Anna, Wolters Kluwer

A really professional event with a great host...Definitely recommend

Nikkita, Fluidly

Awards Ceremonies


“They (ITR) are willing to listen and work with the audience to make their events successful and enjoyable…” 

Andy Bell, Head of Fulham BID

Let's celebrate your team's achievements!

When you're planning your Awards Ceremony, come to us for professional hosts you can trust. 
Let us bring warmth, charm, and a sprinkling of magic to your night. Let celebrities shine and CEOs bask in the glory while we take care of the rest.
Having cross-industry experience means that we are prepared so your nominees & winners all feel connected to the night.
From Architects to Local Business Awards, Tech Industry to the Arts, we can bring our knowledge & expertise to give you & your guests a wonderful, memorable evening.
Let us bring warmth, charm and professionalism to your night.
Let celebrities shine and CEOs bask in the glory while we take care of:

● Clear messaging to guests on the evening & what's coming up.● Creating a fun atmosphere in the room that is energising rather than edgy.● We live in a diverse society. Names are important to pronounce properly (as John Travolta has learned). Everyone should feel included and respected.● Hosting is a privilege, and it's great to do. We put the hard work in beforehand to make it look easy on the night.● Not sure how much you want us to do in advance? We'll talk it through with you and put a plan together that everyone is clear on.● Then, on the day, your host will be there, ready to be briefed on everything from Fire Exits to last-minute changes. 

Why Choose ITR?


When we initially talk to clients to find out what they’re looking for, they often say “I just want more than a normal event” or “I need a WOW factor!”

10 Years of Experience

We are a decade-seasoned team with awards to show for it and many glowing client reviews, we know that a successful event is the best buzz, and we know how to deliver it
Going with us allows you peace-of-mind as we listen to your wishes and mix in our knowledge to bring your event to life. 

The Most Caring Approach

Whether it be in-person or virtual, an ITR event is going to be inclusive, entertaining & memorable for the right reasons.


About ITR

Interrupt the Routine was founded in 2014 by Robert Blackwood and Nick Cowell. Both of them believed then, as they do now, that making people happy is key. Courtesy, professionalism, energy and going about your business with a smile.
In December 2022, Interrupt the Routine delivered its 1,000th event and we’re looking forward to the next 1,000 being done in a fraction of that time.

Under Company Director Robert Blackwood, Interrupt the Routine has gone from strength to strength, adding virtual events since 2020 to continue delivering our signature quality and reaching clients all over the world.

We rather agree with Maya Angelou when she wrote “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

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  • What are the key considerations when hosting an online corporate event?

    Choose the right platform: Select a platform that offers the features needed for your event, such as breakout rooms, chat functionality, and screen sharing. Consider the ease of use and the platform's ability to handle the anticipated number of attendees.
    Plan the agenda: Carefully plan the event's content, including presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. Keep time zones in mind and consider offering on-demand content for those who can't attend live.

    Engage the audience: Use interactive elements such as polls, Q&A sessions, and gamification to keep attendees engaged and encourage participation throughout the event.

  • How does planning a virtual event differ from planning an in-person event?

    Technology: Virtual events require more reliance on technology, including video conferencing platforms, streaming services, and online registration tools.
    Audience engagement: Keeping attendees engaged in a virtual environment can be challenging. Incorporate interactive elements and consider ways to replicate the networking opportunities found at in-person events.

    Accessibility: Virtual events offer greater accessibility for attendees, as they can participate from anywhere in the world. Be mindful of time zones and language barriers.

  • What are some best practices for ensuring inclusivity at events?

    Offer accessibility options: Ensure your venue is accessible to people with disabilities and provide accommodations, such as sign language interpreters or captioning services.
    Consider diverse perspectives: Include speakers and panelists from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and viewpoints to create a more inclusive experience.

    Encourage open dialogue: Create a welcoming environment where attendees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences, regardless of their background.

  • What steps should I follow when planning an in-person event?

    Define your objectives: Start by identifying the event's goals and target audience. This will help guide your decisions throughout the planning process.
    Set a budget and select a venue: Determine your budget and choose a suitable venue that can accommodate your needs, including capacity, accessibility, and available facilities.

    Coordinate logistics: Plan catering, accommodations, and transportation for your attendees. Don't forget about any necessary permits or insurance for your event.

  • How can I offer flexible options and work within various budgets when hosting an event?

    We can pick scalable solutions: choose platforms and services that can easily adapt to your event size, whether it's a small gathering or a large conference.
    We'll work to prioritize cost-effective options: Focus on the most important aspects of your event and explore cost-saving alternatives.

  • How can I engage all employees and make sure no one is left behind during an event?

    Provide opportunities for interaction: Encourage attendees to participate in discussions, breakout sessions, or team-building activities.
    Personalize the experience: Offer a variety of content and formats to cater to different learning styles and interests, such as workshops, panels, and keynote speeches.

    Follow up after the event: Gather feedback and address any concerns or questions that may have been overlooked during the event. This will help ensure that all attendees feel heard and valued.

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