this July, it's coming...The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure

"An absolute gem"

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After last year's adventure, we bring you the next one: 

Join us for A fast-paced, vintage, radio-style comedy set in 1947 with live sound effects.
In this adventure, join loveable half-wit John Jobling & his savvy housemaid Doris Golightly as they hop on board the train going north in search of a myriad of missing juniper berries.
But How much can Hollywood Matinee idols get away with?How distracting can a pheasant really be?
And exactly how delicious is a glass of "Captain Botanicals Navy Strength Gin“ topped up with “Wildleaf Atlas Tonic Water”?
For the answer to these & other questions, you’ll need to Book your tickets pronto for this excellent, fun-filled adventure!

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